I’ve had a camera in my hands ever since I was strong enough to hold one. Even though photography was always a part of my life, the idea of turning it into a career didn’t start taking shape until shortly after graduating high school. While applying to colleges I realized I needed to break down what I loved most in life before I could decide what to study next. My list came down to four things.

The first was a quote by JK Rowling, “Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and therefore the fount of all invention and innovation, it is arguably most transformative in its revelatory capacity.  It is the power that enables us to empathize with humans who’s experiences we have never shared”. This quote gave me such of great understanding of the power and endless possibilities of imagination. The importance of it has remained with me throughout the years.

The second is nature, one of my biggest inspirations. Growing up in North Carolina, I spent nearly all my time outside either taking photos in the woods, going on multiple day hikes, or out at the lake nearby. Nature to me is the world’s greatest museum, an uncontrollable force, and a pure definition of beauty. It’s never ceased to captivate me.

Lastly, the most inescapable thing I realized I was drawn to was people and their stories. There is no lifetime long enough to fully understand all the complexities of humans. Each day we’re writing a new page and working our way into the next chapter. Each day we’re experiencing moments we’ll only have once. Thankfully, the camera has given us the ability to savor these moments that would otherwise only last as long as our memories.

These things propelled my love for photography to develop from a childhood hobby to my college major to my career — which eventually landed me here, in Los Angeles, California. Along my journey, my eye was shaped by the bold iconic images of Annie Leibovitz and the raw honesty of photojournalism. My experience in the fashion and commercial industries in LA ignited a love with the process of finding creative ways to tell the stories of products and collaborate with incredible people. However, I realized I’d had this nagging desire to capture more candid and authentic moments.

I decided to venture into the world of weddings. After shooting my first engagement, I knew I had found the realm of photography that encompassed all of the things that I have grown up loving and being inspired by — people and the evolution of their stories, so present in their moment, imagining the direction their life will take them together. I have the honor of telling one of the greatest stories there is — the story of love.

Some people define their photography as traditional, nontraditional, edgy, classic, and the list goes on. For my style, that’s not the most effective way to communicate what to expect from me as a photographer or my work. Rather, I’d like to tell you my vision and goal for each shoot. I aim to capture the uniqueness of you as a couple — your relationship, your personalities, your quirks in whatever way that’s most comfortable. The more comfortable you feel, the more the authentic moments seep through and beautiful images are created. So whether it’s through candid shots, some posing advice, hunting down the best light in a stunning location, or indoor shots at a favorite venue, I want to give you a set of images that perfectly encompasses you and the days you’re celebrating.

Lastly, as you’re leading up to the moment you say “I do” here are my vows as a photographer to you. I vow to not defile the perfect shade of purple that you searched tirelessly to match in a bow tie, a nail polish, AND a lipstick. You worked hard for those colors. You shall have them in your images. I vow to remember the details you would like captured — whether it’s a certain moment or a keepsake item that you have with you the day of. And finally, these moments you’ll only have once. I vow to celebrate them with you and create the images you’re looking for. After all, it’s your story that you’re telling. I’m just there to capture it.