Love is truly a beautiful thing and its nothing short of magic when it’s found. You’ve done the hard parts — the failed dates, the time spent picking out the perfect outfit, trying to guess restaurants your significant other would like, and lets not fail to mention, getting past the nerves of meeting the people in each others lives.

Through all of this, you’ve written a story with one another that’s soon to be tied together with “I do” — complete with quirks, romance, and love. There’s never been a couple just like you. And that’s what I’m here to capture, your story and your love,  and dare I say, have a damn enjoyable time while we do. 

So whether you see yourselves laughing on a beach, shedding tears of joy in a chapel, cozied up in a cabin, or eloping abroad, I guarantee that while you two are enjoying these fleeting moments of engagement together or the precious hours of your wedding day side by side, I’ll capture them forever, in the fashion that truest for you. 


Tell me your story! Trust me, we both know you have your spiel down by now so lets here it. Pretend we’re long lost friends catching up at your favorite coffee shop or sipping cocktails together if it makes it easier…

How did you meet? What are the little moments that make your relationship perfectly yours? What’s your style? Tell me anything and everything that you want so I can better tell your story! I’m here to talk or listen so don’t hesitate to reach out.